Hokkaido Wildlife and Landscape Tour (3+ days)

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  • Price per Group: from ¥213,000
  • Maximum Persons: 6 per guide
  • Duration: Variable (minimum 3 days)


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Hokkaido is mountainous at heart, and has extensive forests, enormous wetlands, craggy cliffs and an abundant coastline. From a natural history perspective, it is famous for its small surviving populations of brown bears and Blakiston’s fish owls, as well as its plentiful red foxes, abundant sika deer, winter hordes of whopper swans and dramatic concentrations of the world’s most spectacular eagles (Steller’s sea eagle). Most of all, it’s famous for its breeding and wintering population of grace embodied – the red-crowned cranes of Eastern Hokkaido.

It all makes for a landscape and wildlife photographer’s dream in any season. From the minimalist scenery of Biei with it’s lone clusters of trees in open fields through to the rugged expanse of the eastern coastline and it’s abundance of sea life, Hokkaido has something for everybody.

You will be transported around this amazing island in your own private transport with your own professional photographer and guide.

What You Need:

If you are a photographer, you will need your camera, a tripod, and at least a standard, telephoto and wide-angle lens. You'll also need to bring plenty of cash for lunch, water and other snacks whilst you're away.

Additional Information:

This tour is perfect for groups of any size and any age. Adults will enjoy the scenery, food and, of course, the wildlife, while kids will love frolicking in the snow along the way. However, there is a lot of driving and early mornings, so please take this into consideration if you have very young children. This tour is suitable for everyone, but is specially designed for photographers who are keen to capture a little of Hokkaido’s natural history for themselves.

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