About Us

Explore Japan is an independent booking portal. Our mission is to continue to discover and develop new experiences that reflect this unique and exciting destination.

Why us?

Explore Japan provides a booking service for all your activity & tour needs in Japan. Operated by locals, with a large, growing network of activity providers and tour operators around the country.

Independently Owned

We are 100% independently owned and therefore are able to offer the most unbiased, impartial information and booking advice. Whilst we only work with suppliers that are able to deliver a quality experience.


We are able to book all of your requirements and save you the time of having to spend endless hours researching multiple resources in order to get the best deal and all available options. We offer the convenience of pre-booking and paying. No language barriers, no complicated booking in another language.

Tailor made experiences

Our team are able to create exciting and unique experiences based on our clients needs. We understand that everyone is different and we can arrange a wide range of bespoke tours and tours to suit these. Whether you are looking to tick off a bucket list item or just want a off the beaten track experience we can deliver.

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